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1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 Sessions are a great way to achieve fast results.

A Health & Fitness Assessment will help identify your individual needs. From this we'll work together to set realistic and achievable goals.

You'll be guided through each exercise to ensure correct technique, posture and form.


Online training gives my clients the flexibility to train whenever and wherever they want, through an electronic device.

The freedom of online training enables your goals to be met easily, without the worry of having too drastically rearrange your schedule.


Congratulations! You are either expecting or have recently delivered your baby.

Either way, your body has been undergoing some major changes. Promoting a healthy attitude to exercise during pregnancy has become one of my main motivations when providing ante and post natal training.

Training can have numerous benefits including, but not limited to  improved posture, better sleep, improved circulation, less stress and faster recovery.


Training in pairs or groups can be a great way to boost your motivation. It's not always fun exercising on your own and sometimes you can benefit by being joined by a friend, partner or family member. It's also more cost effective!

Each session is crafted to your group needs. You'll be working together to motivate one another and achieve your desired goals.

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